Our research is motivated by the urgent need to advance clean technologies and pave the way for a sustainable, low-carbon future. Our primary area of focus is electrochemistry, a key scientific field in green energy conversion, storage, and power-to-X technologies. A major challenge is the development of functional materials for these technologies that meet the demands for performance, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and safety.

Our research mission centres on accelerating the rational design and discovery of optimal materials and interfaces for electrochemical energy technologies. Our multifaceted approach integrates materials synthesis and characterisation through combinatorial high-throughput experimentation, correlative electrochemical multi-microscopy, and the synergistic combination of nano, macro, and operando electrochemistry. Through this innovative approach, we aim to reveal the intricate physicochemical properties that govern the performance and degradation of these materials to establish new design principles for optimal electrochemical interfaces.

Our primary research areas revolve around reactions and materials for the following technologies:

  • Electrocatalytic valorization of biomass and waste chemicals
  • Green H2 production (hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions)
  • Li-ion and metal anode batteries
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