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Hello world!

I am a blog fan. Twitter threads are nice to follow current events, spreading information immediately but they also get lost in a deep sea very quickly. Blogs stay forever and the information can be easily accessed by a simple search in your favorite engine. I have previously managed some blogs about science (Curiosidades de un químico soñador) or sports (La meta del Triatlón) in my mothertongue and although it has been a while since the last post, the number of visits is steady (already 250k in my science blog!). So, in the end it seems possible to reach a bigger audience by blogging.

I am an early career researcher (currently at a postdoc stage) with interest to become an independent researcher in academia, so you can expect some blogging about my perspective in academia-related topics and will also try to communicate in a simple way my own research. Sometimes, I will comment other interesting research or open science questions. You can also expect some tips and tricks for technical software that I use for my activities, open source development or even about my own software. Basically, the blog is open to any topic and I am sure that it will evolve to something very different from what I have in mind right now. 

In the last years I have improved my English writing skills by writing research articles, which is great for your academic career but you usually need to follow some strict guidelines, style and a narrow list of technical vocabulary. I also consider that I am far from the skills I would like to have and one of my goals with this blog is try new writing styles and become better in a more loose environment. So, please, bear with me, I am learning! When it is relevant I may also write some post in Spanish.

I hereby declare the birth of Tales of an electron in transfer!


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